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Collin Clowes is an independent Singer/Songwriter and Producer from Gorham/Thunder Bay, ON Canada. His music consists of an indie/folk bedroom pop kind of sound with songwriting that consists of beautiful yet heartbreaking personal stories.


When he was 17 years old, Collin started showing symptoms that there was something wrong with his health. This had turned into a very serious illness that left doctors perplexed. This illness was mostly attacking his liver causing irreversible damage and the doctors were never able to find out what the illness is or why it happened but they did figure that Collin would need to get a liver transplant eventually due to the amount of damage. 


After experiencing this intense health scare, Collin decided he would throw himself into something he always wanted to try, which was writing, performing and creating music. After years of trial and error as well as small recognition here and there, he built a home studio to begin learning how to record, produce and mix his own music. 


The result was a 7 song EP called “Sleepy”. Although it’s rough around the edges by Collins' own words, he became excited over the potential of getting better and sharing the songs that he has been writing throughout his life. The single, “Polaroid” is a highlight of his first EP with its catchy melodies and overall Lo-FI vibe. The project went on to get him recognized by various Canadian music news, radio and blogs.  


After the “Sleepy” Ep & a couple of other small releases, Collin then began working on another EP called “Lily”. This EP would only have 5 songs but it was a project that helped Collin work through a ton of grief from losing loved ones around him. This was also shared by popular Canadian news, radio and blogs with the most notable track being “Go”. 

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