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'Break This Way' is my first song of 2022. With the current state of the world, I don't feel great about releasing new music. While battling with myself on whether or not I should release it, I decided I would, simply due to the fact that music has always helped me sort of disappear from the world for a bit. I always like to stress that I don't have a huge following but I truly hope this song can help at least one person out there get lost for a little bit, even if it is just for 3 minutes. I've found I'm grateful for the pure beauty of art that exists in this world. Without it, this place would be totally different & I'm honoured to be able to contribute to it in some fashion.

Lately, I've been trying to teach myself not to chase perfection. This was something that I've always been obsessed with all my life. The "Sleepy" EP is something that suffers from me being a perfectionist. A mild degree of this is fine but once you become obsessed with it, that is all that matters to you in life at that time.


"sleepy" is a project that I have been working on for about 2 years consisting of 7 songs. I spent a lot of time trying to grow my skills in music production, recording, mixing & mastering so I built a small bedroom studio where I just sat & made music since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. I still have a long road ahead to get where I want to be skill-wise, but I feel as though I need to start putting this stuff out into the world. 


I learnt so much throughout the journey of these recordings. I had so much help & inspiration from my dog, June. In a way, I can't say I made this all by myself because she was always beside me through the whole process of writing, recording & mixing...

I'd like to share some of Junes' photos/videos in one place. I like the thought that there might be someone out there getting a glimpse into her life. We were beyond lucky to have her with us & It doesn't feel real that she is gone.

You can click her picture below to go to Junes Gallery. 


I'll be using this page as a quick shoutout for some of the artists that I personally know who are working hard to accomplish their goals/ambitions. I would like to share how I met them & what they have been up too. These artists will range from Musicians, Singers, Producers, Songwriters, Streamers, Authors & hopefully many more. I have a deep appreciation for the people I choose to share here & it would mean so much to me if you could go check out their work if you're interested.

I have always been fascinated by peoples work in any kind of art, painting & drawing was something I wish I could do well all my life, but I just never gave it the proper time. Recently, I came across a style of art such as Frank Moths work. I love the dreamy aesthetic of this style. Frank Moths work sparked the interest in me to try it out. I'll never be amazing at it but its something I really enjoy doing now. Click below to see more. 


Photography is a beautiful thing to me. Without it I feel the world would be so different. I've done photography ever since taking a class at the Thunder Bay Confederation College. Once again, I'm not as a good as I'd like to be but photos capture time & moments, which I'm all for. I always wanted to build a place to showcase/share some of my work.You can click the pictures below to see more. 


The vault will act as a place where people who are interested, can listen to old songs of mine that I released throughout the years. I took them all down publicly because they don't really represent what I was aiming for musically. You must first subscribe to the emailing list so I can keep you up to date on everything new that I'm working on & you'll have full access to all the demos & recordings from when I was first starting out. Click the photo below to enter.