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Collin Clowes is an independent Singer/Songwriter and Producer from Gorham/Thunder Bay, ON Canada. His music consists of an indie pop sound with songwriting that captures beautiful yet heartbreaking personal stories. At 17 years old, Collin started showing symptoms that there was something wrong with his health. This had turned into a very serious illness that left doctors perplexed. This illness was mostly attacking his liver causing irreversible damage and the doctors never found out what this illness was or why it happened but they did figure that Collin would need a liver transplant sometime in the future due to the extent of damage done.


After spending a lot of time in the hospital, he was able to go back home. Collin then decided he would throw himself into something he always wanted to try, which was writing, performing and creating music. Collin mentions that this was a time where he began to withdraw from his childhood friends and just began focusing on music. Throughout this time, he started playing live, practicing music everyday all while but slowly each day, Collin felt his body getting worse from the illness. Collin says this was one of his lowest points mentally and physically but he also mentions that what kept him going was raising a new puppy he had named, June. Raising June was a life changing experience for Collin.

When Collin first appeared on the local music scene in Thunder Bay, people seemed to gravitate towards his acoustic singer/songwriter style. He played live for countless hours around Thunder Bay and Toronto. Collin kept it up for 4 years but the illness began to shut down his body faster than what everyone expected. It got so bad that he needed to be rushed to Toronto to get a liver transplant at the Toronto General Hospital with his oldest sister being the donor. They both recovered extremely well and went on to have good health. The illness is still with Collin so it’s still a rollercoaster but he’s been extremely grateful for a second chance at life as well as being healthy enough to continue to create music.


After spending about 3-4 months in Toronto recovering from the liver transplant, Collin got to go back home. This was around the time Collin was accepted into the Songwriting and Performance Arts Program at Seneca College back in Toronto. This was a huge decision as Collin was so happy to be finally home but he also knew that he needed to make a step to try and learn from professionals as well as other musicians. Although it was a hard time living in Toronto, Collin feels like this is where he really honed in on his songwriting skill.


Before the pandemic hit, he moved back home to Thunder Bay where he began building a small studio and tried learning about the whole process of making music. Collin spent all of his time working on getting better at creating music from his bedroom studio. After 2 years of trial and error, he released “Sleepy”; a 7 song EP dedicated to June, who sadly passed away as Collin was finishing the project. The EP brings Collin back to what he says was the happiest time of his life.


The positive reception of sleepy gave Collin the confidence to keep trying to learn and create. After putting out a few songs in 2022,  Collin finished 2022 with another small project called “Lily”. A 5 track EP with themes of parting ways, saying goodbye and grief.

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