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Artist Showcase

I'll be using this page as a quick shoutout for some of the artists that I personally know who are working hard to accomplish their goals/ambitions. I would like to share how I met them & what they have been up too. These artists will range from Musicians, Singers, Producers, Songwriters, Streamers, Authors & hopefully many more. I have a deep appreciation for the people I choose to share here & it would mean so much to me if you could go check out their work if you're interested.

03 - Twitch Streamer

Ranaxalu (Laurana Ranta-Ojala)

Ranaxalu is a twitch streamer from Thunder Bay. I got to meet her at the Confederation College Multi-Media program & she was actually the first person that I mentioned my Illness too in that program. I will always appreciate how nice she has been to me throughout the time of knowing her. Laurana is someone I wish everybody could get to know.


She has a personality that I can truly appreciate. I like to think we've become good friends throughout the years. She was someone who was always willing to talk to whoever about whatever & I'm so happy that she chose to start streaming because she is extremely great at it & I also get to pop in to see how she's been doing.

Throughout the process of mixing my EP, if she happened to be live, I would have her stream play in the background & she is probably one of the funniest people I ever got to know. Her streams made me smile when I really needed it through the frustration of mixing & mastering my project. Laurana is super engaging as well as thoughtful & smart. I truly admire her for taking this road, I personally know how hard she works & she will always be the first streamer I recommend to someone who is looking to find a welcoming & fun community of people. 

Click one of the photos  to check out her socials & stream!


Justyce Regular

01 - Arthor/Poet

Justyce is someone that I got the pleasure to meet back in my grade 9 guitar class at Hammarskjold high school in Thunder Bay. Growing up outside of the City was great but I never really made new friends until high schoolBeing in such a new environment was nerve-racking, but Justyce noticed me & was literally the first who tried getting to know me.


I'll forever be grateful for this as it helped me step outside of my comfort zone. We became good friends through grade 9 & this has gone on to inspire a lot of what I try stress to people these days which is, don't hesitate to reach out to someone. For somebody like me who was struggling with mental health, this meant the world.

Since then, she has gone on to become an exceptional Author & Poet. I hope she continues to follow her goals as her work is straight from the heart & pure. The work follows the themes of mental health, chronic illness as well as social justice issues. These are conversations that need to be talked about & I'm so happy that I personally know someone who Is actively contributing to these important conversations. I believe the more people who start the conversation, the more society will listen & hopefully change for the better. If you've struggled in any way throughout your life, sharing your story can help others in so many different ways.

You can click on any of the photos to check out her website as well as her social media! 


02 - Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Underachiever (Connor Duncan)


Connor is a singer/songwriter who is currently doing all of his production, mixing & mastering by himself. We met at Seneca College In Toronto during the Songwriting & Performance Arts program. I  remember always loving the songs Connor would show the class. He has this unique style yet at the same time, there is this hint of a  warm familiarity that sets in when I hear his music.


When we were in a Psychology class, I would often see him working on his songs with his laptop & it reminded me of the freedom that came with recording myself when I was younger. As I left Toronto to move back to Thunder Bay, I really wanted to try & make music on my own again. People truly don't understand how hard this process is. There is so much to learn about it all & you don't really stop learning. It's an immensely difficult art form that takes years to master. While in the midst of learning this, I saw Connor releasing his stuff that he was working on by himself. 

I was totally impressed with his music. His songwriting is always great, the production sounds fresh & he does such amazing work creating interesting soundscapes. His songs translate insanely well & I can't wait to see where he will be in a few years. He inspired me to keep going & was the first person to hear my project "sleepy". Knowing that he was into it, gave me the confidence to release it. Connor is someone who I am beyond grateful to have met. 

Please go listen to his music & give him a follow. I've had the pleasure to hear some of his unreleased stuff & I believe lots of people are going to love it! 

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