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the "sleepy" EP

"sleepy" is a project that I have been working on for about 2 years consisting of 7 songs. I spent a lot of time trying to grow my skills in music production, recording, mixing & mastering so I built a small bedroom studio where I just sat & made music since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. I still have a long road ahead to get where I want to be skill-wise, but I feel as though I need to start putting this stuff out into the world. 

I learnt so much throughout the journey of these recordings. I had so much help & inspiration from my dog named June. In a way, I can't say I made this all by myself because she was always beside me through the whole process of writing, recording & mixing. Whenever I'd get excited about a song, she would notice & it was one of those moments that you could live in forever.


Life didn't make sense before June. Even when I did have her, I got so caught up in trying to find "my people" & love that I'd become wreckless & depressed. June saved me in so many different ways during these times. Its only in the past 2-3 years I've realized how lucky I am/was. My life was perfect with her. It's always a hard thing when you realize you had everything you needed all along but you left searching for opportunity in a business that you may never be able to break through in.

Sadly, June passed away on August 4th 2021. This is something that has broke me & every day gets harder without her. She was still young & I get so angry that I couldn't heal her. Every song I recorded, she was there right beside me sleeping. The 4 years where I was sick/dying from my liver problems, she was always with me. Coming home to her after my liver transplant was the best day of my life. I just wish we had more time, I hate the time I spent away from her.

I dedicate this EP to June. I wish it was as perfect as she was but she knows how much time & energy I put into this. Every song will take me back to this space where it was just June & I living in this paradise with no worries for a little while.  

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