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"Oh Mother"

I released "oh mother" on January 1st 2020. I got the pleasure to work with an excellent local Photographer/Videographer, Keegan Richard, for a music video. The video is something I'm super proud of, It's always awesome to work with other people on creative projects. I made "oh mother" shortly after putting my bedroom studio together. This was the first song that I felt ready sharing. Listening to it now, I would love to go back & change a few things now that I feel like my skills are bit better so I'll probably be working on a new version sometime soon. I had a lot of plans to keep putting out singles afterwards but I became super frustrated with my skill level at the time so I went quiet & worked until I felt more confident. This was when the covid-19 lockdowns began as well.

After putting the studio together, I felt myself feeling upset over who I was as a kid. So with that in mind, I wanted to write some kind ode to my mom. Around this time, My sister found out she had brain cancer. We knew she was going to have a tough road but I always felt confident that she was going to make it through. My sister was always like a second mother & I can't express how much I appreciate her. I'm extremely grateful that she's been doing so good since the removal of the tumour. In a way, this song is about both my sisters & mom. We all went through so much together & I always feel bad for how dumb I was when I was a kid. 

My mom had to go through my brother getting cancer when he was 4. Then she had to go through me becoming ill & needing a liver transplant. And then came the news of Britt getting cancer. That is a lot for a parent, they have been extremely resilient & I'm grateful they have stayed themselves. I'm beyond lucky to have this family.

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"oh mother" official video below

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