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Break This Way

'Break This Way' is my first song of 2022. With the current state of the world, I don't feel great about releasing new music. While battling with myself on whether or not I should release it, I decided I would, simply due to the fact that music has always helped me sort of disappear from the world for a bit. I always like to stress that I don't have a huge following but I truly hope this song can help at least one person out there get lost for a little bit, even if it is just for 3 minutes. I've found I'm grateful for the pure beauty of art that exists in this world. Without it, this place would be totally different & I'm honoured to be able to contribute to it in some fashion.

Lately, I've been trying to teach myself not to chase perfection. This was something that I've always been obsessed with all my life. The "Sleepy" EP is something that suffers from me being a perfectionist. A mild degree of this is fine but once you become obsessed with it, that is all that matters to you in life at that time. You're not able to look at the project the same way after you spend months or even years tweaking things. This is a hard thing to do for me, I haven't even listened to this song for weeks due to the fact I will probably end up hating something about it again. 

I'm trying to just follow my gut & trust the process. If nobody ends up liking the song, I could always go back in & fix things that don't work but I honestly think it's as good as it can get. I'm positive real professionals would be able to make this song better but like I mentioned before, I go through so many different bounces & versions that, I'd be a nightmare to work with.

I'd like to mention, I'm still learning mixing & mastering. This caused a lot of delays in the song but I think I got it to a place where it's decent. It's a really stripped back song but I had a lot of troubles with the vocals & the mastering stage. With that said, I sincerely hope it's something worth your time. 

I was working on a different song that had this underlying message of hope which is important but lately, I've been in this deep depression. I miss June so much & every day Is just hard without her. There are also a lot of personal things that have been going on that sometimes, makes me believe we are being mentally tortured. The state of the world doesn't help either. The division, the hate & now war just makes me crazy. I would do anything to go back in time & just relive the same day over & over again, as long as June was there.


I became frustrated with that other song because I just felt like I was lying to myself. So I sat at the piano & 'Break This Way' came out instantly. As soon as I sang the first line, it all came pouring out & I couldn't get through it without crying. I knew it was special. I recorded it the night I wrote it & finished everything the next day. The mixing stage was tough but I still believe there's something special about it & like I said, I just hope it connects with someone out there.

The song is basically me talking to myself & not really having an escape from this pain that I've been feeling. But with this song, I've realized how much an escape music is for me when my heart is in it. I don't think I've ever needed music more than I do now.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this & for giving my music a chance. I am trying to be consitent & being consistent means not chasing perfection. You can stream it underneath for free & it is also available on all streaming platforms. You can also pay $3.99 to download the song to your phone but it is not necessary.


Thank you again. Stay safe & take care. 

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